We have gone against all odds to put up a fish farming project that we hope will drive us towards a stable/ sustainable state.
Join us in this venture to change our community for the better
Help us to feed the to maturity.

The GHC board member, project team and the Sewage/Matopeni community raised some funds that enabled us to start the project.
We made an improvised green house for fish. We constructed a pond measuring 7m by 8m. We stocked the pond with 5,000 fingerlings of catfish. The project has many challenges. First the cost of construction was high. Fingerlings are also expensive.
Having done the two, our many challenge is feeding the fish.
They (fish)are consuming 1.2 kg of wean mix daily whose average cost is Kes500/=. We have been able to feed them for the last one and half months.Getting local materials is a big task since this is an on going project.We are asking you to give information on how we can get feeds/ send us is you can.
We hope that 75% of the fingerlings will survive to maturity(3,500. 1,500 will go to feeding program & 2,000 sold to sustain and expand the project. If well fed & managed, we hope that they will have attained 2kg. We hope to sell each 2kg fish at Kes 500/=. This will give us a total of 1 million shillings.
We plan to breed our own fingerlings & for sale in the near future and mix our own feeds to minimize costs.
At the moment we are urgently seeking you support to enable us feed them for the next one & half months. This will costs us about 40,500 shillings. Fish pellets are locally available at 2,500 shillings per 20kg bag. We shall then be able to feed them till they are 8months old/ market size. We are asking for your urgent support. Feeds or funds to buy feeds whichever is appropriate to you. We shall appreciate.


Not only that this project children have learned many things, but as well as, through their own way they have done a very beneficial thing. - Marla Ahlgrimm