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Project Update

Its good News for all of us that now village people slowly understand our activities and familiar with online project.They come forward and start to join with us.The project is well familiar around areas and peoples knows how it work better through the use of internet technology and the help of online members through the help of nabuur platform.

Requesting all of you to visit Our Trust website for more update of our activities,

Vadgam Children's Camp Article

Here is a link of article published on article is local language in Gujarati.We are thankful to Mrugeshbhai for published such a good article on Children's Camp organized by vadgam social and welfare trust at sebhar(Vadgam) on 25.04.09

pl.visit this link for read this article.

Vadgam Social & Welfare Trust Website

We creat a Trust website. pl.visit for more details.

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Children's Training Camp

Children's camp successfully organized by Vadagam Social & Welfare Trust on 25.04.2009 at Sembhar(Vadgam).There are more than 60 children's from Vadgam participated in the one day Training camp.

( on Title Heading for read more news on this)

Note:-Pl.visit Gallery for Children's camp Photographs.

Consultancy for Vadgam Education

Three Student's Renske Boersma,Anne-Wil Heijlaerts & Eva van der Helm
from Cals College(Netherland)prepared a final consultancy report on Vadgam Education Project.This three Students get this project through world school and really doing great work.

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Vadgam Social & Welfare Trust Now Registered with 80 G No.DIT(E)/80G(5)/511/2008-2009 dated 23.02.09.
Now any donor get tax benifit against donation to trust.

Village Children's Camp

Vadgam Social & Welfare Trust Planning to One Day Village Children's Camp on 25.04.09.Sebhar,Which is a beautiful natural place located near vadgam is choosed for children Camp location.

Sarjan Group from Gandhinagar,Abhishek Group from Palanpur and Social & welfare Trsut Vadgam Participate in children's Camp.There are more than 150 children's and youth of the village will present in Camp.


Here is a good news that today one of the village person named Mr.Ganesh H.Uplana donated 109 small books to vadgam & social welfare Trust for use in children's weekly classroom.This books is a books of great personalities of india in different field,which will helpful to children's to choose there role model from this books to make there life much better and also helpful tham to learn some good thinking.The total cost of the books is Rs.550/-


Our Facilitator Naina Raj sent us a second powerpoint presentation for village children's on Brain activities and its importance in our body.I will present this presentation in class room and it will helpful village children's to learn some extra information on health topics.This is a second presentation sent by Naina after first one on General health related powerpoint presentation.Thanks Naina for prepare such a good slides for child education.

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