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Our Facilitator Naina Raj sent us a second powerpoint presentation for village children's on Brain activities and its importance in our body.I will present this presentation in class room and it will helpful village children's to learn some extra information on health topics.This is a second presentation sent by Naina after first one on General health related powerpoint presentation.Thanks Naina for prepare such a good slides for chil education.

Weekly Class Update

More than 40 children's of the village join weekly class room every sunday evening and learn different type of skills on various subject like maths,English,Computer Basic,General Knowledge,drawing and personality development,children's start to present there skills,they doing dance,acting,telling story,joks and showing there talent.

Health Presentation

Our Facilitator Naina Raj from Newzeland prepared a beautiful presentation on health development and sent us for village children's.I present this presentation with village children's. Village children's experienced first time to learn this way about health related information. There is a good output from children's after health presentation. really a good answers from children's, Questions asked by me regarding health presentation.

Gujarat Sport Minister visits Vadgam, India

On September 11, 2008, Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela, the Gujarat Government Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment, Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities visited Vadgam, India.


vadagam Chaudhary youth organized a blood Donation Camp on 25.01.09.There are more than 45 village youth donate there blood in the camp.there was a successful event.blood deposited in Bhagawan Mahavir Seva Samiti,PETHANI BLOOD BANK,Planpur.This blood is useful to village people as and when require for emeregency case.VADAGAM SOCIAL AND WELFARE TRUST appreciate such type of work done by village youth.Pl.visit Gallery on this page for see more photographs.


Here is a good news that Naina from Newzeland join as a vadgam village New facilitator.Vadgam Social & Welfare Trust welcome Naina to join online village project as a facilitator.Vadgam Social & Welfare Trust,Village People,youth and children's thankful to Naina for joining online vadgam village project as a facilitator.


We find two local village volunteers to help us child development project.Mr.Virambhai chaudhary who is a Higher Secondary school teacher and Mr.Ganeshbhai chaudhary who is a primary teacher help us to train village children's every week in class room.

Vadgam Village Development Project

Hi everybody,
Vadgam social & Welfare Trust working on vadgam village development project.There are various vadgam village development project's in hand which will be helpful to total village development project,just we started three project in village as per following

1.Research Child Development Programme.
2.Agriculture Research & Development
3.Sport Club Development
we wiil be add more project step by step.



Mini Computer Lab and Library Upgrded.

Mini Computer Lab and Library Upgrde here.A old TV Show case used as a computer box and added some new books and magazines in class room.

Cricket Tournament completion ceremony.

Gujarat Government Honourable Sport Minister Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela Present during final cricket match played between vadgam sport club and Ruppura cricket team.Ruppura cricket team win the match and be a champion of the tournament.

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