Project room: Vadgam

Village Development

Status: Just started

We are willing to working on village development Project through following Activities.

- Create Awareness in rural community.

- Tree Plantation.

- Organize medical Camps.

- Tobacco control Movement among village youth.

- working for mal nutritional children in village.

- Agriculture Development.

- Water Irrigation Project

- Develop Mobile Apps : Vadgam Telephone Directory (Vadgam Diary)

- Jivdayaa Activity : We dedicated to helping stray animals and birds, free of charge.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedAwarness Activity12015-04-13 12:27Less than an hour
Just startedTree Plantation42015-06-09 00:00Less than an hour
Just startedTobacco control Movement among village youth.02015-02-03 04:59Less than an hour
Just startedIrrigation Project – Preparing Report132015-05-16 03:15Less than an hour

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Not started yetJivDayaa Activity02015-03-09 12:04

Agro Forestry

Status: Not started yet

Maximum lands in vadgam areas are dry land and depends on monsoon due to lack of underground water resources., hence looking for start Agro farming in my farm as a example, so need help on this subject from valuable neighbors to share there valu added inputs on agro farming to help on sustainable farming in dry areas of vadgam region in india.


Vadgam Agriculture Development

Status: Just started

Dairy Husbandry & Agriculture is the main activities for the people of vadgam region.Now a days vadgam farmers unaware about latest development in the field of agriculture and dairy also need to find various resources which help farmers to develop agriculture business in vadgam region as well as earn enough inome through this business.

Through this platform we need to working on various task related to Agriculture business of vadgam which help local farmers to find out way to increase there income through awareness and with help of latest technology.

All neighbor's are requested to spare time for vadgam agriculture development discussion and help local community through sharing guideline,suggestion,information on Agricultural.


Environment Development

Status: Finished

We would like to change the Environment of vadgam through various activities like sharing useful info,help on make area green and clean with maximum facilities for the people of area for better life living and development.Expert and supporter are invited to share there knowledge on this project.


Local Website Maintenance

Status: Finished

We run a Local website for our region people.we need some expert help to better maintenance of this website.We use WordPress 3.3.1 format to update the details on this website.

volunteers are most welcome to give there suggestions,comment,information for better maintenance of


Tourism Development

Status: Finished

Here I like to Introduce the Tourism place around the vadgam and like to invite tourist around the world for visit vadgam and like to learn and know abt rural community and culture activities.tourist can invited to ask the question here abt there touring plan to visit vadgam and nearby places.