Help describe the current situation and future plans for the Sports Club

Status: Finished

This sports club is vital to being able to give the youth of Vadgam a brighter future. This sports club will be the intrument to education the youth about themselves and the world, to offer better opportunities for them, and to hone their skills and talents.

Therefore, let's help Nitin describe the current situation of Vadgam and its sports foundation / club. And while we're at it, let's also help Nitin plan the future of its sports club.

Hi Everyone,

Please feel free to post. And if you want this task to be assigned to you, please let me know. :)

Hope to hear from everyone! :)

- Anna

Hi Nitin,

Thanks for creating a shared work document. That's a good idea, I think we'll be needing that. :)

Maybe we can start things off by describing the Vadgam sports club.

(1) there is a cricket field (where we will be having our future cricket matches in the day and a stage play during the night). how huge is this cricket space?

(2) how many youths are there in Vadgam and what are their age ranges?

(3) what languages do the people in Vadgam speak? We will need this infomation when doing the stage play. Do we have plays in English or in Vadgam's language?

(4) what are the skills / talents of the youth in Vadgam?

(5) is the Vadgam sports club a member of any other organizations?

This is it for now. I think there will be more questions later. :)

- Ann


Hi Nitin,

I got an email from one of the neighbours I invited. She can't join Vadgam because she's currently busy with a other villages but she gave suggestions which I think would be use for us. See her email below.

Hi Anna

Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I will have to say no as I just don't
have the time to join any more villages at the moment.

Have you had any contact with any of the other villages working on sports
projects? There is one in Uganda (Lango) and two in Kenya, and there may be
others too. Although in different parts of the world you might still be able
to learn from each other.

This site I found a while ago has a doc about linking sport and health
education that might be interesting to you


- Ann


Hi. I'm Mangala and would like to help you with this task. I feel we should have a forum where all volunteers can get together at a common portal and have a brainstorming session to narrow down on the activities we wish to include for the sports Foundation this financial year.

2. Activities such as organizing a sports event involving only women of the village or the young boys & girls, having their tournament say for example organizing volley ball match in the village would be great fun and will help bring people come closer for a common activity.

Similarly other such events can be organized depending what the youth want. There are many things i can suggest but for the time being this would do.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Hi Mangala,

Thanks for your post! And welcome to Vadgam!

I'll get straight to the point. :)

For your first suggestion, you're right. We should have a forum for all volunters to get to together and brainstorm. And we have that. :) We have this! :) We have this website and we have the "post comment" button so all neighbours can post their suggestions/ideas and these posts can in turn give birth to other suggestions/ideas. :) That's why it is important to post here in the website. :)

As for the sports club, we have a sports club for the youth composed of both male and female youths. They have a group sport - cricket. And if you've seen our other project, we're currently organizing a cricket match. :) Maybe you can help on that also. :)

This it it for now. :) I hope to see you here in Vadgam again and again and again! :)

- Ann


Hi Ann

Thanks for your feedback. I was unaware of the details. Please tell me more about Vadganm village and how best i can help contribute. I would like to help Nitin with drawing out plans for the Sports Foundation however, i found that your 'go to shared work doc' not working properly. Is there any other way i can help? What if i email to Nitin and likewise he does to me where i can help him better. Do let me know. Thanks. Mangala


Hi Mangala,

No problem. :) I'm glad to see you here again. :) I've written something in the shared work document. I think it works ok now. :)

Hi Nitin,

What does the sports club need the most as of this time?

- Ann


Hi Anna & Mangala,

I am too late to reply here,sorry for that but now i read all the postinf here.I am requesting you to pl.ask me fresh question you like to knoe.we have lots of future plan through sport & youth club activity.we like to more social work through this.i will inform you letter abt it that what we want to do for village community in future.