Background: Wakitaka

Project background

  • I am lucky education is still a priority for my parents and so whichever coin they get, they invest in education. I feel my education should make a positive impact to the local people in my village especially the youth. For a very longtime, I have been studying the situation of the youth in the area.

  • Many youths in the area are school dropouts due to low incomes from their parents, guardians and due to the HIV prevalence in the area making some of them orphans. Many of the youth do not further their education after Ordinary or Advanced level to an Institution such as Vocational Training or University due to their inability to meet the high tuition expenses and costs incurred in buying school incentives.

Village facts

  • Wakitaka village is east of Uganda. It is found in the district of Jinja in Mafubira Sub-county and the County of Butembe. It is about 85 Km drive from Kampala City, and 5km away from Jinja town. It is located along Jinja-Kamuli Highway. Wakitaka is well known for its beautiful environment with hills surrounding the village.