TweetANet has started - 10 Things You Can Do to Help the Joint Mosquito Net Fundraiser

It is often very difficult, if not impossible for small community based organizations like Wakitaka Youth Development Group to establish contact with large organizations that donate mosquito nets to developing countries.

Because of this, Wakitaka village is proud to join hands with the local representatives of the Jinja Central and Mawoito villages here at Nabuur for a joint fundraising effort. The goal is to raise awareness about the impact of malaria on our communities and receive enough money in donations to purchase 1000 mosquito nets which will then be distributed among each of the villages involved. You can help us!


1. Join the Tweet-A-Net Fan Page on Facebook to follow all the latest news and updates about our joint effort to raise funds for mosquito nets.

2. Tell your friends and share our posts on Facebook. Invite them to be a part of the event.

3. Join the Fundraising Project on and rate the project.

4. Become an Advocate for our project – advocates write up a short recommendation to voice support for what we are doing. Advocates are very important to get a higher ranking on the website and thereby more visitors.

5. If you have visited any of the projects in Mawoito, Jinja Central or Wakitaka – become a Visitor . Visitors are very important to our fundraiser because they help to validate that these are real projects helping real people on the ground in Uganda.

6. Email your friends and help us spread the word about our project.

7. Share the link to the fundraising project in your email signature.

8. Donate your instant messenger status update and help us publicize a link to the fundraiser.

9. Add a fundraising widget to your blog – you can do that directly from the site by clicking on "Spread the Word" .

10. Are you on Twitter? Help tweet and retweet messages – follow @tweetanet, @nabuur, @behod, @emmanuelmenya to watch our progress via Twitter.

Finally, if you can – donate - a mosquito net is less than a cappuchino. Mosquito nets truly can save lives. Join us April 1-25th and help us roll back malaria in Uganda!

Thank you for your help,
Maria and Emmanuel, Paul and Tonny

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Dear all,

I would like to wish you a very Happy Eastern. I hope everybody has a great week-end.
At the same time I would like to encourage you to become an advocate for the mosquito net fundraiser on Betterplace We are lucky that Betterplace made April the month of the fight against malaria and our campaign is featured very prominently However if you compare with the other two malaria projects, our number of advocates and supporters is very low - so please make an effort, it only takes 2 minutes, and advocate or support the campaign.

The kids in Uganda are counting on you - Eastern is also the celebration of solidarity, love and happiness. A mosquito net costs not more than some good Easter chocolat...

Happy Eastern!



Maria - we are definitely doing something wrong - these numbers have NOT gone up since I put 40-50 pounds in each last week but the last one; I forget which village it is. I just couldn't Bare to see 0% across the board - oh! one percent on the top one from a friend of mine. I haven't had time to invite - on an individual basis - my friends to participate - i think that is the only way. Even sending a message out to everyone at the same time - it falls through the cracks - I'm going to email friends with the link - just as soon as I can - I have been frantically busy with school work and medical -

Ginger :)


I love the idea of the communities working together to progress! I am happy to donate to the mosquito net project on


Hi Ginger,

We are at 11% now - so more than 100 nets have been funded. (Thanks Jennifer, Ginger and all others for your donation) That´s already not too bad - could be better, but we´ll see how it looks in the end. Nabuur is very quiet at the moment, so it is even more difficult to mobilise people, since only Jennifer W. and I are actively working on the campaign.

So it is even more important that Nabuur neighbours mobilise their contacts - you are right, personal messages are the most effective way to get people to donate. Some of my friends are already very thrilled by the project, but it takes some time to get somebody click the donate button.
The good news - Kirsti, one of the story tellers is about to finish a story about the campaign that we can post soon, and betterplace also asked us to write a guest entry to their blog (Kirsti works on it as well). So hopefully we will get some more publicity.

It is slow, sure, but it is worth starting somewhere and if everybody mobilises say 10 people, that´s already something - so, get the message to your friends! Have a look on how to spread the word

Have a nice week-end


Hi guys

Great to see progress! Sorry I havent been any help with promotion - was trying to help someone else spread the word about fundraising for a totally unrelated project and its hard to do lots at once!

It would be really great if Emmanuel, Paul and Tonny could provide some real-life stories about the effects of malaria in their area and how the nets would benefit them. People are more likelty to donate if they see clear info that helps them to form a connection with the groups they are helping, not just general details of malaria in Uganda.



Great point, Mary. I would agree with Mary that it would be a great impact to have actual stories of how this project will effect those in the villages.