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  • The Walungu spreads between the equator to the north and the tropic of the Capricorn in the South. It is lodged in the massifs of Mitumba on the west side of the Rift Valley.

  • The bashi is organized in has decentralized feudal system. So each household is possessor of has land one which it establishes its residence and there convenient the necessary cultures heart its subsistence.

  • The Bashi people of Walungu know a varied enough cultural production. Their literature received its letters of nobility from the writings of abbot Kagaragu Ntabaza. its chief of Emigani œuvre bali bantu is a compilation of proverbs.

  • The Shi " word " designates an inhabitant of the Walungu. This territory of the Ngweshe is lived by the Bashis to the plural, whereas the singular is Mushi.