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Check out the great new website and catalogue

With the brand new updated website the women of Yoshinkhel aim to attract individuals and especially businesses around the world. Help them to sell their products!

Yoshinkhel Craft

Yoshinkhel Craft

Volunteer visiting Yoshinkhel

A French volunteer has recently joined Sabina to support the women of Yoshinkhel.

Wishing us all a prosperous 2010!

We have all grown a lot this past year and have achieved a great lot together as Nabuur. Again it showed that we can benefit from all types of skills and ideas and that Nabuur is a great platform to bring together a wide variety of those.

Our wonderful calendar is done and we have more news to celebrate!

Not only have we managed to draw up a wonderful calendar with the images of Yoshinkhel in a concerted effort of our Nabuurs Ursula and Carolyn, as well as Sabina, but Sabina had visitors to order more jumpers for Khadbari village and take samples for sale! Plus we have new website for the products!

Who's going to join for the big calendar sale?

We are currently designing a calendar from the wonderful images Sabina took from the women, children and Yoshinkhel itself. Who is ready to help us to sell it in their surroundings???

Helping two Villages in Nepal- Yoshinkhel & Khandbari

A win-win for the women of Yoshinkhel and the orphans at Khandbari!

Getting started on the calendar!

This year we want to make it happen! With the help of our Nabuurs we would like to make a calendar with photos from Yoshinkhel to raise funds for the establishment of the children's education centre.

Designers for Catalogue needed!

Mika has found a job that takes up most of her time now. Unfortunately that means that we lose a great designer who helped a lot in putting together a wonderful draft for a catalogue for the woolen products from Yoshinkhel.

Who could help to finalise the catalogue?

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