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Advice for Tackling Your Mondays

From Veteran Investor Jason Sugarman

As a private equity investor, financier and a major charitable donor, Jason Sugarman starts the week with a lot on his plate. Just like for everyone else, Monday mornings can be quite trying for him. But after years of working in the investment sector, Mr. Sugarman has come up with a few “hacks” to make Mondays a tad more tolerable. Here’s his advice for everyone else who wish Mondays would just disappear off the calendar:

Don’t Netflix on Sundays

At least, don’t watch Netflix on Sunday evenings. Doctors warn that streaming movies or shows right before sleep time leaves people too excited to sleep. Mr. Sugarman finds Mondays are easiest to handle when he’s had a good night’s sleep on Sundays. Likewise, plan to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night on Sundays. You will be much less likely to come to work irritated, drowsy, or tired on Mondays then. To do that, scratch Netflix from Sunday nights. You can catch up later during the week, or on Saturdays. Prioritize sleep to work efficiently the following day.

Don’t Procrastinate on Friday

The secret to great Mondays is not leaving anything undone on Fridays, according to numerous professionals. Don’t leave the office on Friday with tons of work left to do on Monday. If you do, you will only end up with a crammed schedule on the first day of the new week. It could possibly make the rest of the week a living nightmare. Therefore, never procrastinate on Fridays. Don’t rush home leaving some “small” tasks unattended. If you do, you will definitely regret it come Monday.

Eat Breakfast at Home on Mondays

Doesn’t the rush hour seem a bit too rushed on Mondays? Expect everyone else too feel just as badly as you do on Mondays. Don’t be surprised if the line at the local Starbucks is longer than usual. Even people who don’t usually drink coffee want some on Mondays. You can avoid most of this by eating breakfast at home on Mondays. Plan to get up early, so you have time to eat and drink coffee without having to waste time in a line. You can arrive at the office well fed and hyped to jumpstart the workweek.

Work Out, If You Can

Researcher Ron Friedman published an influential article in the Harvard Business Review that shows how exercise motivates people to engage in work and also improves overall job performance.  Isn’t that exactly the thing we all want on Mondays? If you can get up early, as mentioned above, you may have some time to work out and get in the mood for working. You don’t have to work out for hours. Even 15 minutes of sweat-inducing activity is sufficient. If you have a treadmill at home, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Above all, stay calm and composed. Don’t start Mondays in a depressed mood. Surround yourself with positive energy that doesn’t dampen your mood. Staying positive helps with staying motivated. Don’t succumb to the proverbial “Monday morning panic,” and keep calm. 

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