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By Rolf KleefPosted on June 10, 2011Comments: (10)

Today moved to a new server. As Jennifer wrote in her announcement: we took the opportunity to clean up some content. This serves two purposes:

  • Volunteers will more easily find villages that are active.
  • The website should work faster because there is less content to filter through.

If you're reading this message as a NABUUR volunteer or local representative, you hopefully find all your content still ok. We did our best to make sure all active villages and all neighbours are still available. (We have a backup copy of all previous content, so if you do miss something: get in touch!)

  • The number of villages has been reduced from 235 to 93, and the villages that started but never finished their registration process have been removed too.
  • The number of groups has been reduced (less dramatically).
  • All user accounts have been moved to the new site. (We'll clean up unused accounts later on)
  • We removed a few blocks of "related content" from various pages, to speed up page delivery: "neighbours who could help", "organisations of interest", and "similar villages".
  • We've temporarily switched off Google Adwords, so there are less visitors to the site at the same time.

We also did house-keeping on some of the services we use to keep the organisation running:

  • The documents archive is getting organised (on Google Docs) and has a public section that you can reach via The meeting notes of our community chat sessions are on there.
  • We also created a Google Calendar to share important events, such as upcoming community chats, the server move, and so on. If you're using an online calendar yourself, you can add our events to it, via
  • We used to have a special site with documentation for developers. We've retrieved all the information from that site, and are going to publish that via for instance
  • We have a (new) public tracker to share what we're working on:

All in all, we're happy with the results so far, and are looking forward to seeing the site run with its normal traffic. We'll continue to work on performance improvements and clean-up in the coming weeks.

NABUUR has a new board and director

By Rolf KleefPosted on October 21, 2010Comments: (8)

On Wednesday October 13, the NABUUR director and supervisory board handed over their responsibilities to a new generation.

Present at the meeting were: Marius Enthoven, Peter Felix, Siegfried Woldhek, new Supervisory Board member: Rolf Kleef, new Director: Pelle Aardema, and by phone: Romina Oliverio, Denis Marsha Kabuuka. Unfortunately Jessie Bokhoven couldn't attend the meeting.

With the installation of the new supervisory board and director the handover of NABUUR to the community is completed.

This handover marks the last step in a long process that in fact started with the birth of NABUUR in 2002. The social internet with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as we know it today didn't exist yet, and Wikipedia was just a year old. The concept of online volunteering, the core of NABUUR, was unknown to many people.

In this environment NABUUR started as a revolutionary idea of people all across the world working together online to solve problems offline. The start of NABUUR also marked the start of an era of continuous learning. Simultaneously with the rapid development of the social internet, the staff needed to find out what works and what doesn't. What became clear was that NABUUR fulfilled a need with the services and connection it facilitates.

A few years ago, the NABUUR organization realised that in order to offer a real and scalable network, NABUUR itself should be a network, and delegate responsibilities to its community members, without a central office with controlling staff.

From that moment on, step by step, the platform was handed over to the community: approving new projects, bringing training materials together, managing the website and communication, participating in focus groups, and organising community meet-ups were taken on by volunteers.

On October 13, the ultimate step in this process was taken: the positions of Director and Supervisory Board were handed over to four volunteers from the "governance group", a community-initiated forum that discusses the strategy and next steps for NABUUR. All four volunteers have long-standing experience and relationship with NABUUR, and are eager to move ahead with the next phase.

We want to thank Siegfried Woldhek and the members of the outgoing Supervisory Board for their valuable contributions to NABUUR over the past 9 years.

NABUUR as it stands now is still a revolutionary concept.

We hope you will stay involved in its new development!

Outgoing Director and Board:
Siegfried Woldhek
Marius Enthoven
Peter Felix
Jessie Bokhoven

Incoming Director and Board:
Pelle Aardema
Rolf Kleef
Denis Marsha
Romina Oliverio