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Volunteer With a Project Today!

By Romina OliverioPosted on September 10, 2010Comments: (4)

There are many ways to get involved with a village on Nabuur. Many of the projects are actively seeking volunteers to help them with tasks that can be completed online, and usually in the span of a few hours.

Below is a roundup of some of the opportunities available.

Build a website for the school in Bukokholo

The village of Bukokholo in Kenya is seeking one or more volunteers to help build a website for the community school. Judith Mukhamba, the local representative, explains the need: "We have registered domin name for the website and we need volunteers who may know how to design the website to design one for us on this task we are looking volunteers who i can give information and he/she design a website for www.bukokholoeducationcenter.org this is our already registered domain for the village."

To find out more or to get involved, click here.

Help Secure Educational Toys and Games for Sajos Academy in Kiserian.

Sajos Academy in Kiserian is looking for educational toys and games to fill its classrooms. The community would like to study the possibilities of fundraising for the toys and games, or locate an organization or individual willing to donate the items.

If you can help in researching potential donors or can arrange for a donation, please leave a comment here.

Volunteer Teachers Wanted for Notre Dame High School in Masaka

The Notre Dame High School in Masaka, Uganda, is recruiting volunteer teachers to teach the following subjects: English, Biology and Computers. Volunteers with experience in school administration and proposal writing are also being sought.

If you can help locate suitable candidates or shortlist websites where the recruitment notices can be posted, join the conversation happening here.

Kenyan Social Enterprise Needs Marketing Advice and Training Centre Equipment

Leso World is a Kenyan social enterprise company which works to improve employment opportunities for young people in Nairobi through producing and selling beautiful African-inspired craft products. The handmade products include tablecloths, napkins, aprons, oven gloves, tea cosies, table mats, duvet covers, and many others.

Leso World has set up a training centre for unemployed youth where they can learn skills including tailoring, carving, painting and music. These skills will give them a way to earn money and work their way out of poverty.

Local representative Penina is looking for volunteers to help market the products in Kenya and on international platforms. The community is also looking for sewing machines and musical instruments to further furnish the training centre.

If you can help, please join the online discussions at Leso World here.

Another roundup of volunteering opportunities will be posted shortly. In the meantime, don't forget to visit http://www.nabuur.com/en/volunteer-opportunities for more ways to get involved - there is something for everyone to do!

Tonny From Mawoito Rallies Support for Tweet-A-Net...And You Can Help!

By Romina OliverioPosted on April 20, 2010Comments: (2)

Last week, an invitation was extended to everyone to support Tweet-A-Net, an initiative consisting of a group of online volunteers assisting several villages in Uganda through NABUUR. Between April 1 and 25, this group is aiming to raise 1000 mosquito nets for the children of three villages nearby the Lake Victoria, Wakitaka, Jinja East and Mawoito through various social networks such as twitter and facebook.

Since the call for support went out, more supporters have stepped up (thank you!), but more help is needed! If you have yet to show your support, take a minute to read a personal statement from Tonny Mulambe below. Tonny is Local Representative of Mawoito village and head of a childcare project for orphaned children in his community; he knows first hand the importance of mosquito nets for the children in the community and he implores everyone to get involved with this campaign - which you can do by browsing down and seeing the many options available to contribute your support!

From Tonny: "Every week, at least one child dies of malaria in Mawoito. Given the poverty levels in the village, the families here cannot buy a net, which costs $2.7. Most of the children who are attacked by this killer disease are not able to go to school once they fall sick and this hampers their academic performance in class since they are not able to attend school regularly. Similarly, this affects the family income since all the little money got is spent on buying medicine for the sick children in the family. To those who are orphans, the situation is made worse in that they are not even able to access basic first line treatment since they have no one to take them their other village health workers. Therefore, this makes them very prone to the disease in that they live in a very miserable state for example the type of houses they sleep in makes them prone to attacks from mosquitoes since they have nothing to cover themselves which could prevent them from catching the disease. The Government has not taken it upon itself to cater for the orphans and other vulnerable children in terms of social protection hence making them vulnerable to any attack. The children still become inefficient in attending school since a sick mind can not capture any thing while in class and therefore this makes them academically poor as a result of malaria attacks.

Its therefore upon such a background that we came out as childcare project to agitate for the rights of the orphaned children so that they can be able to access to some basic medical attention like the one of providing mosquito nets. The children are between the ages of 6-18 years. Our project has a total number of 360 orphaned children whom we want to help with these nets so that they can also live a life that is healthy just like any other human being.

Donate a net and save the lives of our orphaned children." 

How YOU Can Help!

There are plenty of ways to support the Tweet-A-Net campaign. To donate a mosquito net visit the TweetANet fundraising page here.

And if you feel motivated to help more, here are 10 easy things that you can do today!

1. Join the Tweet-A-Net Fan Page on Facebook to follow all the latest news and updates about our joint effort to raise funds for mosquito nets.

2. Tell your friends and share our posts on Facebook. Invite them to be a part of the event.

3. Join the Fundraising Project on Betterplace.org and rate the project.

4. Become an Advocate for our project – advocates write up a short recommendation to voice support for what we are doing. Advocates are very important to get a higher ranking on the website and thereby more visitors.

5. If you have visited any of the projects in Mawoito, Jinja Central or Wakitaka – become a Visitor . Visitors are very important to our fundraiser because they help to validate that these are real projects helping real people on the ground in Uganda.

6. Email your friends and help us spread the word about our project.

7. Share the link to the fundraising project in your email signature.

8. Donate your instant messenger status update and help us publicize a link to the fundraiser.

9. Add a fundraising widget to your blog – you can do that directly from the Betterplace.org site by clicking on "Spread the Word".

10. Are you on Twitter? Help tweet and retweet messages – follow @tweetanet, @nabuur, @behod, @emmanuelmenya to watch our progress via Twitter. http://twitter.com/TweetANet

Don't forget - a mosquito net costs less than a cappuchino. Mosquito nets truly can save lives. Join us April 1-25th and help us roll back malaria in Uganda!

Join the Community Call on Friday, December 18

By Romina OliverioPosted on December 16, 2009Comments: (9)

You're invited to join the next community call as it takes place this Friday, December 18, at 10AM ET. (To check the hour in your local time zone, please click here.)


- General Q&A
- Ways that you can help with the NABUUR transition, including participating in online groups such as orientation; processes; governance; villages, and more! (catch up with all the latest news on the transition here.)

How to Join the Call

- On the day of the call, call in to the following conference dial-in number: + 1 712-775-7300 (Note that long distance charges will apply.)

- When prompted, enter the assigned access code: 270745#

If you have any questions, or to RSVP for Friday's call, please contact us at info@nabuur.com

Looking forward to speaking with you on Friday!


Join Us for the Social Media Open Call on Thursday, October 22

By Romina OliverioPosted on October 20, 2009Comments: (2)

The next social media planning open call will take place Thursday, October 22th at 10AM EST. (To check your timezone, please click here.)

We hope you can join us! If you want to get a quick recap of the last open call, click here.

Agenda for the Call

- Introductions
- Review of developments, progress made in the last two weeks
- Discussion of the next steps (including input from the discussions taking place in the Social Media hub)
- Discuss outcome of the Twitter chat
- Assign steps
- Wrap-up: set up date/time for the next call

How to Join the Call

- On the day of the call, call in to the following conference dial-in number: + 1 712-775-7300 (Note that long distance charges will apply.)
- When prompted, enter the assigned access code: 270745#

If you have any questions, please contact info@nabuur.com. Following the call, we'll post a summary in the Social Media Hub.

Looking forward to a productive chat!

the NABUUR team

Budalang'i Community Prepares for El Nino (Post for Blog Action Day '09: Climate Change)

By Guest BloggerPosted on October 15, 2009Comments: (1)

[The following is written by Budalang'i's Local Representative, Lillian Muttimos. Because of its topic, we have chosen it to represent NABUUR during Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change.]

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. A will always finds a way!

The Kenyan press has been full of news about the expected El Nino rains for quite some time. Adequate warnings have been given by the weather experts, and the areas most likely to be affected, as well as the wide range of repercussions have been repeatedly pointed out. Some of the obvious negative effects are the destruction of infrastructure, increased prevalence of waterborne diseases, and general disruption of people's livelihoods.

For the residents of Budalang'i, such warnings are neither new nor strange- floods are part of their lives.While the effects of the rains to the community are not in doubt, the question that keeps coming up is whether this time round the capacity to handle such events has improved.In other words, are the people ready to cope with the effects of the impending El Nino rains ? For the first time in decades, this question is being answered by the Kenya government through the National Disaster Operations Centre which has published a report which confirms that the government has made adequate preparation to ensure the effects of the impending rains are not felt as much as they were in 1998.The government also warns that although the rains may not be as severe , the destruction to life and property may be worsened by environmental degradation over the years that has left fragile and over exposed soils which make some ares very vulnerable.

Nonetheless, these warnings may not be sufficient to prepare the affected residents. The fact that dykes are being built or repaired in some parts of Budalang'i at this time is evidence that we may still be a long way from full preparedness. Some experts think that it is even possible that the rains may cause damage to new areas, so it is imperative that all available mechanisms be put in place to ensure quick, organized response. All said and done, residents are happy about the government efforts to step up its preparedness. Already about for evacuation centres are under construction to shelter those displaced in case of floods and some 2,500 bags of maize and 1,000 bags of beans have been received for distribution to flood victims. Many humanitarian organizations, including United Nations, Unicef, Kenya Red Cross Society, World Food Programme, Action Aid, World Vision and Medicine Sans Frontiers are ready to work with the government and provide the necessary assistance.Boats and life saving jackets have also been received and mobile toilets will be put in place. To crown it all, the community will benefit from the services of the local radio station which has been recently set up to facilitate effective and faster dissemination of information concerning weather patterns.

With all these in place, we can only hope that the people of Budalang'i will support the government efforts by adopting a lasting approach to disaster that is holistic, and to use this opportunity to address factors such as how their human potential can be developed, how information can be shared, how local governments operate, and how collaboration can be useful in building relationships and realizing overall community goals and potential.We must all appreciate the fact that there is no substitute for broad-based community involvement and its time the local population got down to serious business of mitigating these destructive disasters.The ultimate determining factor in any community-based efforts of this kind is the capacity and skill with which leaders engage the community in developing a common vision, shared ownership and sense of responsibility for the well being of all the residents. We can all be catalysts for change by helping the Budalang'i people acquire more capacity and self-sufficiency by providing ideas and other innovations that will help them to invest in sustainable disaster preparedness and planning.

Please join our village and become part of the process of change and the building of a healthy community that will have the capacity to celebrate, have fun, and pay attention to the beauty life offers along the way!!

Join the NABUUR Twitter Chat on October 15 to Crowdsource Solutions for Two NABUUR Projects!

By Romina OliverioPosted on October 14, 2009Comments: (1)

NABUUR is excited to have its first Twitter-based conversation on Thursday, October 15th from 10AM ET to 11: 30 AM ET - and we invite you to join in the fun! (To check your corresponding time zone, click here.)

We'll use the wisdom of the crowds to find feasible solutions for concrete problems in 2 different Villages: One in Kenya, the other in Uganda. 

The Actions That Will Be Crowsourced

1. Malaria and HIV Prevention in Wakitaka Village, Uganda

In Uganda, malaria is the leading cause of mortality. Malaria's negative impact is also felt on the impoverished society as an estimated 25% of household income is spent treating the disease. HIV prevention is also a crucial issue. With very little support from government programs, communities need to take it upon themselves to educate their own members on the devastating effects of these diseases.

Youth groups in Wakitaka want to educate themselves in order to train their community on malaria and HIV prevention, and also want to procure donations of mosquito nets that will be distributed to the families in the community. The youth need help with:

a. Searching for organizations or individuals that could provide donations of mosquito nets
b. Searching for organizations or individuals that can provide training for youth in the local community on the topics of malaria and also on HIV prevention. 

If you want to become familiar with the Village before the chat, please visit their project online here.

2. Help put together a training on sustainable gardening for Kimilili, Kenya

In January 2008 250 orphans and 7 guardians and teachers fled Nairobi, where their facilities were burnt down during the violence surrounding the national elections. They ended up in Kimilili, close to Mount Elgon and the Ugandan border, 600 km from Nairobi.

In Kimilili a school garden was set up to provide the most essential food for the school children. Lots of resources on how to improve the gardens have been collected. Now they need some help with:

a. Selecting the best resources for a (basic) training in sustainable gardening, to be given to local, low-literate people who don't speak English.
b. Put together a training program that can be given to the local community.

If you want to become familiar with the Village before the chat, please visit their project online here.

How Do You Participate in the Chat?

- First you need a Twitter account. To find out more about Twitter check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter or go to www.twitter.com and sign up.

- Log in on October 15 at 10AM ET. During the NABUUR Chat, use an application like Tweetdeck (www.tweetdeck.com), Thwirl (www.thwirl.com), Tweetchat (www.tweetchat.com) or the Twitter web interface (use the search function http://search.twitter.com) to follow the #NABUUR hashtag and keep up with conversation.

- Join the discussion by tagging your tweets with #NABUUR during the chat.

- As soon as you log in, make sure to introduce yourself, and don't be shy: jump right into the conversation! 

If you have any questions about the Twitter chat, please contact info@nabuur.com

See you on Twitter! 

Join us for the Social Media Planning Open Call on Thursday, October 8

By Romina OliverioPosted on October 01, 2009Comments: (3)

If reading the summary notes from the last open conference call made you wish you'd been a part of it, here's your chance to get involved this time around! (But keep in mind that we're following a bi-weekly check in schedule, so we hope you're bound to find a date that frees you up to chat with us!)

The next planning open call will take place Thursday, October 8th at 10AM EST. (To check your timezone, please click here.)

Agenda for the Call

- Introductions
- Review of developments, progress made in the last two weeks
- Discussion of the next steps (including input from the discussions taking place in the Social Media hub)
- Discuss Twitter chat (see summary notes)
- Assign steps
- Wrap-up: set up date/time for the next call

How to Join the Call

- On the day of the call, call in to the following conference dial-in number: + 1 712-775-7300 (Note that long distance charges will apply.)
- When prompted, enter the assigned access code: 270745#

If you have any questions, please contact info@nabuur.com, and if you can't make the call, no worries; like last time, we'll post a summary in the Social Media Hub.

Looking forward to it!

the NABUUR team

P.S. In the meantime, check our the latest discussions in the social media hub. We'd love your input on what's brewing there!

[Volunteering Opportunity] Design Promotional Materials for a Youth Arts and Crafts Business in Wakitaka, Uganda

By Romina OliverioPosted on September 24, 2009Comments: (2)

The Wakitaka Youth Development Group (WYDG) in Uganda trains young people in income-generating activities, such as raising livestock, growing vegetables, and selling handmade crafts.

Handmade crafts are a tradition in Wakitaka. The youth produce unique bead necklaces and jewelry, greeting cards, wood and clay sculptures - all made from local materials.

WYDG rented a space at the Nile source, a popular local attraction with tourists. However, sales are slow, and the group is now focusing on amping up their marketing with promotional materials that they can hand out to passing tourists.

If you have experience in design or marketing, and can offer your creativity and expertise to produce a promotional handout and a business card, please drop by the online project room here where you'll find more information on what is needed.

[News from Vijayapuram] World Alzheimer's Day- Recognising Dementia Across the Globe

By Romina OliverioPosted on September 22, 2009Comments: (2)

[Post by Carolyn DV, facilitator of Vijayapuram]

Yesterday, September 22 was World Alzheimer’s Day. For those of us living in the UK, USA , Europe, Singapore or Australia this is a day where we may visit our elderly relatives who might be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), acknowledging the devastating impact this disease has had on their lives and our lives as their carers.

For others around the world this day might be a reminder of how far their countries and health systems have to go in recognising, diagnosing, supporting and caring for the millions of AD sufferers. There is one common link between the developed and developing nations of our world ...Alzheimer’s Disease, or dementia, is a growing and increasingly urgent problem which we all face - whether you live in Kansas City, Kisozi or Kottayam.

The theme for WAD 2009 is ‘Diagnosing Dementia- Recognising it Sooner‘ with the aim of encouraging medical professionals to recognise the signs of the disease in order for people to receive the treatment they need. In India, efforts to educate the populace and the medical profession about dementia continues in earnest. By 2015 it is estimated that up to 23 million Indians will be suffering from dementia. That is the equivalent of the entire population of Australia.

In Vijayapuram, Local Representative Joseph and the community-based organisation Human Resource Education and Socio Economic Development Centre (HRESEDC) have been able to start a pilot home-based medical care programme. The programme aims to bring medical care to the homes of poor, elderly and bed-ridden AD sufferers, and those who are at the palliative stage of their lives. It’s a programme that also aims to help and support the carers, educating them about the different stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and how to care for their relatives with dignity and compassion. Currently the programme has a volunteer doctor who visits up to 9 patients on alternate Saturdays. It’s a good start.

There is no cure for AD as yet, but there are so many ways to make the lives of AD sufferers happy and comfortable and dignified. We can also support their carers by recognising the burden of caring for someone who forgets, who can be aggressive, or at times is depressed or uninhibited.

If you would like to find out more about AD in Vijayapuram or help us further develop the Home Based Medical Care programme then please visit us at http://www.nabuur.com/en/village/vijayapuram. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

You're Invited to the Social Media Planning Conference Call on September 24!

By Romina OliverioPosted on September 18, 2009Comments: (3)

[FYI: Summary notes from the call can be found in the comment section below]

Last week we shared with you our social media journey thus far, and also presented different ways that you could become a part of NABUUR's social media task force. We're thrilled to report that in true NABUUR spirit, volunteers reacted almost immediately: the social media hub has its first contributors, and the discussions are a go!

Social Media Planning Conference Call Scheduled for Thursday, September 24

The NABUUR team meets with Peter Deitz of Social Actions on a bi-weekly basis to discuss our social media strategy and collectively plan for the next steps. From now on, we'll be opening up these conference calls to anyone interested in volunteering their time and creativity.

The first open conference call will be held on Thursday, September 24 at 10AM ET. (To check your time zone, click here.)

Agenda for the Call

- Introductions
- Review of developments, progress made in the last two weeks
- Discussion of the next steps (including input from the discussions taking place in the Social Media hub)
- Assign steps
- Wrap-up: set up date/time for the next call

How to Join the Call

- On the day of the call, call in to the following conference dial-in number: + 1 712-775-7300 (Note that long distance charges will apply.)
- When prompted, enter the assigned access code: 270745#

If you have any questions, please contact info@nabuur.com, and if you can't make the call, no worries - we'll post a summary in the Social Media Hub.

Bring your thoughts and ideas, we look forward to hearing them!

the NABUUR team