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Two weeks or more

In June, 2001 Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUOYODEFO) organized and sponsored “SPORTS FOR CHANGE” tournament for Kajwenge Parish. The event had (and hopefully will continue to have but not limited to) the following activities;-
(a). There was guest briefs on;- the role of youth in development; what is needed of youth to have sustained community; how youth can influence and contribute towards change; how the community can support youth building and formation; education as a tool; etc
(b). During tournaments, the opening/ concluding remarks and half-time shows will all be used to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS; youth behavior; the importance of education; supporting girl child education; youth building/ formation among the public.
(c). At the end, give a trophy to first team and some small prizes to the 2nd and 3rd teams, best player, top - scorer, and best goal keeper.
We engaged 14 teams (8 for males and 6 for females) and entertained 400 - 650 spectators at a time, of broad age range and a diversity of occupations. It is such an exciting event that gave young people and the community an opportunity to share, play, interact in a funny way, and raise awareness on health education and career development among the public.
We would like to engage the whole 5 parishes of Kisinga subcounty – allowing more teams to participate. We will discuss an appropriate framework for promoting the interest and social corporate responsibility goals with local and opinion leader, already formed teams, groups of youth and women, schools, and the lower local government in the area of publicity and awareness. Once a time frame is develop, we use the local FM radio to create awareness on the event (purpose; coverage; participation; eligibility; timing; benefit; sponsors; etc). At the same time, we will jointly work with these stakeholder to boost the existing organizing committee (that served for the previous event), which will then review existing rules and regulations, budget/ procure necessary materials and logistics for successful event.
Our goal:
Our sponsorship goal for the 2nd sports competition due in late December, 2011 is $ 3,200. However, part of this fund will be locally raised through registration fees for interested teams; well wishers’ contributions; and food collections from the community.

We procured and already have the trophies (cups – for males and females) that will be taken (and owned) by a team that wins it for 3 consecutive competitions a year.

Purpose and uses of the money you donate:
All funds raised will be used for event as may be budgeted for by the organizing committee in collaboration with LUYODEFO, the implementing organization, in addition to the following;-

Donation options to support the cause
$ 4 buys for printing/ buying 1 t-shirt for officials and recognized players (best player, goal keeper, smartest player, disciplined player, top scorer, etc)
$ 5 pays a trained/ skilled referrer for a match
$ 6 pays for travel allowances for 1 staff/ volunteer for a planning meetings with head teachers, team leaders, coaches, etc
$ 20 pays a gift for the 3rd winning team
$ 30 pays for marking a play ground
$ 30 pays a gift for the 2nd winning team
$ 35 buys either 1 football or 1 netball, and 2 whistles for a participating team
$ 40 pays for first aid kit for a participating team
$ 40 pays a gift for the 1st winning team
$ 40 pays a speaker for the event (field of interest health, education, welfare, etc)
$ 60 pays for food and refreshment for a participating team
$ 120 pays for a 1 – month sports even campaign on local FM radio station

What you get for your donation:
Sponsors for this colorful community event will benefit through;-
(a). Sponsor profiling or Mention in all our event spotlight on local FM radio station(s), and event day emcee announcements
(b). Placing logo (if you have one) on event-day banners and on promotional flyer
(c). Placing logo (if you have one) on event T-shirts and Caps for teams, officials, and or for sell to fans to generate income for the organization.
(d). Placing logo (if you have one) or profile (if you don’t mind) on our social network fans page with link to sponsor website
(e). Crowning gala speeches by sponsor representative if applicable
(f). Running sponsor’s advert jingles and exclusive sale of sponsor’s services during the event if applicable.

If you have anything to say or contribute, please emial us at

Hello Neighbors,

It was a very intersting event that lead to mass community participation. Our sports day attracted mant teams with only 12 teams meeting the strict deadline (10 males and 2 females) - hence only 12 participated, each recieving a ball and above all the trophies they competited for was taken by the winners. The event was also attracted over 800 spectators. Attached are some few pictures

For and on behalf of Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO)

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