About Us


A 21st century approach
What makes NABUUR different? The method:
NABUUR leverages the internet to enable people around the world to connect and collaborate. Online projects are shared via our website.

The kind of projects people share:
Dairy cooperatives are formed. Internet cafés opened.
Children are educated. Health clinics are built. Crops are
irrigated. Websites are launched. Income is generated.
The difference is that the work is done by a dedicated
network of online volunteers. That opens up new
perspectives for additional effects

NABUUR allows people of all walks of life to discuss the projects with like minded people by sharing articles or being interviewed. This innovative approach reduces the costs and time required to achieve results.

Through NABUUR, contributors share knowledge,
make contacts, scout resources, and share their expertise.
The local community get new solutions, a team of assistants
across the world, and tools, experience and confidence to
handle projects themselves.