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The education institution opens today to over four hundred and fifty vulnerable children with challenges.

--This is a love opportunity for my village to acquire adequate knowledge on project management. Kindly how can I register for the training and also please give more details about the training date, venue and other logistics.

We would like to receive adequate training on strategic management of the projects.

Best regards
josephat bwire

Hi Mary,

Fountain Youth Group is grateful for the assistance and wish you the best in your work. Check a look at the photos at the talent search event. Am planning to submit application of proposal to the GIVEMEANING WEBSITE but it requires more than 100 votes for your proposal to be approved within a period of one month. Kindly can you assist me to ask all the volunteers at nabuur to visit the site and vote for the project,please respond but am sorry for mixing issues. The group has made resolution that 2011 will not be the same in our community.HAPPY NEW YEAR

josephat bwire




Talent search will officially be closed on 31 / 12 /10 because it has achieved more than expected goals and limited resources.

Hi Mary

Have just send you the documents but please review them then offer recommendations before uploading them. Thanks
josephat bwire

Thanks for responding but have tried several and cant upload them to the system. Kindly advice me on what to do. Good day
josephat bwire

Hi Mary,
Hope you had a lovely Christmas, I managed to prepare the application & data information for the group. Have also registered the group on the following websites
1.workaway wide helpers
3.stuff your ruck sack

Kindly advise me on how to upload my documents that contain application form and data form. My documents are prepared in word form. Merry Christmas and prosperous 2011.

josephat bwire

i think it cost around $30

I am a director for Lynsi Love centre community based organization/orphanage
Lynsi Love Orphanage was started five years ago when I was moved with compassion mixed with passion for the suffering slum children. These children were left behind by parents due to death from HIV/Aids related diseases. I started with five orphans in my house and expanded after receiving a grant of $1100 from Richie and Lynsi Martinez.
This made me to move the orphanage from my house and rented two rooms where we were able to minister to this orphans and send them to school.

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