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WE started end of year exams and we shall close on Wednesday 24/11/10.

Books Arrive in Kiserian

The volunteers at Darian Book Aid Plan put together a box of books over a month ago in response to a request we sent in for the students at Sajos Academy.

Hi Alya,
we welcome you to Nakaliro village, Mary thank you for guiding Alya, now that we are online then we can share updates, news and advice. we wlcome all other neigbours to visit this village too.



We have released our mid term exam results for third-term.
We have also come up with a results analysis table.

I have resently joined this volunteers group an i would like to learn more about it and see how i would help to impart vocational skills in the young generation since am a vocational Teacher.

thank you so much for such a life changing donation. this is really a good one. calvin.
i am very happy to join this page as i have been always longing to make a diffrence no matter how small.

One way that may work, is to have a jar or a box of pieces of paper. Each paper must have a question written on it, the question could be from science, geography, english, maths etc. But make sure each term you have written on the piece of paper you know the meaning of that term. You could write the answer of that question in a book in alphabetical order. For each question an individual chooses from a box or jar, you must charge one penny. When the question has been chosen, for example what is chemical formula for salt? As you know the answer is NaCl.

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