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Define the requirements for a day care/education centre in Yoshinkhel

Status: In progress

SACDS, the organization in Yoshinkhel, would like to establish its own day care & education centre.... not only in name, but a real building :-)

The community has offered us a plot of land and neighbours have helped to create a building design.

Please help us think about and define the requirements for the building - bricks, cables, furniture, etc. - so that it could host our three programs:
- child day care
- education program
- skill training for women

building design.jpg

Contact organizations that donate computers

Status: Finished

The purpose of the library is to give the youth a chance to develop themselves. Nowadays, that wouldn't be complete without the chance to learn about computers, the chance to browse the internet and connect to the world. We have been lucky to have on PC installed but it is in high demand. We also need a compatable printer.

Please help Garden Library find at least one more computer and a printer which is urgently needed.

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