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Define the tourism project

Status: Finished

Arun Valley Concern Center would like to support tourism efforts throughout the Sankhuwashbha district of Nepal and draw more tourists into the region. In order to help us establish a clear direction forward, we need a good project definition.

What do we want to offer in terms of support to existing tourism agencies?

What support can we offer to the local community to allow them to benefit from the tourists that come through the area?

Hi Barry-

Thanks so much for your post. I do agree with you about the SWOT analysis. I feel that is a missing link as well.

In terms of comparison with the competition, I'm not sure that we are necessarily after developing a product like a "tourism company", but rather drawing tourists to the least I think. I will have to defer to Tejanath on that, but that is my understanding so far. I think it is a point that we definitely need to clarify. I suppose though even at that we would still need to define what it is that the district has to offer that other areas do not.

Research and Identify Volunteer Organizations

Status: Finished

Many people who travel to Nepal to volunteer also go trekking. For this task, we would like to research and again develop a database of volunteer organizations who place volunteers in Nepal many times to help in the schools. This research will be used to reach out and establish relationships with organizations who may be interested in learning more about the Sankhuwasabha district and all it has to offer those who come to visit.

Research and Create a Database-Trekking Agencies

Status: Finished

A large part of our project will revolve around marketing all that the Sankhuwasabha district has to offer. For this task, we are looking for volunteers to help us research and develop a database of trekking agencies located in Kathmandu and also around the world.

The following questions were sent to Tejanath on 10/26/08 requesting clarification about the information presented above:

1. What is the concrete problem the community wants to address?

Our community would like to address the following twin problems:

The tourism busines in Sankhuwasabha has been facing many porblems because of lack of lack of well-facilitated hotels. Lack of information about the beautiful places, the place of historical importance, curo goods, bio diversity etc.

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