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Help to build a kindergarten for the neediest children in Matopeni!

Status: Finished

Given the funds we must preffer starting with the Kindergarten school.The community has donated a piece of land for the purpose of building of the kindergarten. The kindergarten is needed for taking care of the very neediest abandonned small children and orphans who are starving on the streets. They need your urgent help!

A budget for the kindergarten school has been done (see attached file).

An urgent step is to find further fund raising initiatives and inventory shipping possibilities.


Status: Needs urgent help

We are a charity school running from Kindergarten to grade 9. We have adequate infrastructure though some blocks are not yet complete.In order to offer quality education to our children, we need certain facilities at our school.

First and foremost, we need volunteer teachers, a volunteer accountant and a volunteer project manager.

With the human resources in place, we shall then need

1. Connection to the electricity grid
2. A science laboratory
3. A computer laboratory
4. Teaching aids such as text books,story books, dusters, chalk
5. A Library.

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Seeking professional help on starting and running small businesses in Madurai

Status: In progress

Currently, Micro-credit was provided to the people in Madurai for carrying out the following activities:

1. Flower Vending
2. Tea Stall
3. Cloth Vending
4. Sugar Cane Juice
5. Grocery shop
6. Milk Vending
7. Trycycle
8. Vegetable Vending
9. Sewing Machine
10. Idly Shop
11. Bakery
12. Fancy Store
13. Bottle cap
14. Dry Fish
15. Petty Shop
16. Basket Making
17. Rice Grinding
18. Ironing
19. Goat rearing
20. Selling toys

Any useful ideas on starting up and running the above small businesses in Madurai will be warmly welcomed.

Creative fundraising - Attempting to make the largest stamp mosaic in the world

Status: Finished

The village of Nabitende will attempt to break a Guinness World Record™ by making the largest stamp mosaic on the first of December, World Aids Day 2009.

Orphans and other vulnerable children will make it to raise awareness among themselves about Aids, to empower them, raise awareness of their situation and to raise funds for this village. The biggest reason is, though, to give them a fun day and maybe some art classes beforehand.

Other Income generation Ideas

Status: Finished

The main objectives of this project is the fruit farm and agroforestry project. When their is harvest, we can consider fruit drying and honey making, but until then other income generation ideas are needed, as well as teaching about business, markets and economy.

In this task we are looking for ideas of small businesses that the co-operative can handle and succeed in.

Discuss and research options for income-generating activities for the families of students

Status: Finished

Many of the students at Notre Dame High School come from very poor families. Their parents/guardians are not able to afford to pay school fees, and lack many of the other basics as they do not have a regular source of income.

The school would like to assist these families in setting up small income generating activities of their own. Christopher has been involved with a similar project in the past while working with another organisation in a different area, and it was very successful, providing huge benefits to the families involved.

Great News For You All

I'm very grateful for my neighbours, from all 4 corners of this earth (as varied as Canada to Scotland to Nigeria to Tanzania to India and South Africa and a lot of different countries in between) for your untiring efforts for the good of Nabitende and its’ people. I’m so happy to be able to share this story with you, my hardworking neighbours.

Immediate Needs.

Status: In progress

………Technical support, Fundraising & Networking.

We are building into our development plan strong elements of fundraising,Capacity and institutional management, partnership and networking.

We invite assistance to achieve these goals in a reasonable time frame and to assist us participate more effectively in education, training activities, information acquisition and documentation, data processing systems, communication, laboratory and field research costs, transportation etc.

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The successes and pitfalls of recieving donated tools and equipement from overseas

Status: Finished

Nabitende is trying to source tools and equipment within Uganda but is also applying to international NGOs.
Therefore we are looking for other neighbours' stories on customs and clearance practices in Uganda or elsewhere:

1. Do you have experience in clearing donated goods from customs?

2. Is it possible for a CBO to obtain an exemption of custom duties? If so, what is the process of obtaining one like?

3. What costs are involved with custom clearing of donated tools (official and unofficial tariffs!)?

TRANSPORTATION: Research Options for Accessible Transportation

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

St. Charles Special Needs School is looking for a bus to help get the students to/from school, transport sick children to the hospital, and to take students on educational field trips. Accessible transportation is essential not only for the rehabilitation of the children, but also to promote greater inclusion on the local community and improve disability awareness. If a bus can be secured, this may also increase enrollment at the school. A bus that seats between 22-32, accessible to people with disabilities would be ideal.

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