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Hi Pelle,

Thanks a milion for the wikis!!!

Does that mean that I'm logged in all the time until I log out, no matter if I shut down my computer etc? Does that work for only one computer?

Take care,


Thanks Pelle

Having them get bigger when you click on them sounds like a good idea but am not sure if you are saying it should be doing that now, or whether you are suggesting that it may be changed in the future?

It does not work like that at the moment - you cannot click on the picture in the task discussion to open a new window. You do have the option to save it but this just saves a bitmap image the same size as in the post.

Pictures also end up in the Gallery but if you click on them in there you get taken to the original post.

If you want an example -



Hi Mary,

I thought it was that way now... apparently not :-S I had tried it with a picture in one of the village background stories: that worked.

More info to follow!



Dear all,

With the old discussions slowly 'drizzling' into the site, our team sat together again to discuss the priorities for October.

This month most priority will be given to the registration process for new communities - things should be made much easier for them, so that their villages come online better prepared. Next to that the site should be made easier to grasp for new neighbours, so that they find their way to the villages and actually can start helping. Translated to concrete actions, that means the following:

I want to register my community
Village registration process will be improved. There's a role for experienced Local Reps who can help candidates with their experience on what works and what doesnt. This should improve the quality of villages that come online.

New Neighbours - scenarios:
What can I do here, what is expected of me?
I’ve signed up, now what can I do?

- Add a page - 10 things you can do today, showing simple actions to get used to NABUUR and also showing the most urgent tasks.
- Improve Villages page – make village search possible by issue, country. Present results in a more attractive manner (as suggested by Mary, Sonja...)
- Improve Groups page - dito
- Clean up Registration form
- Simplify filling in profile
- Reminder email for neighbours who register but don’t confirm

Other subjects:
- Statistics – for both facilitators and staff. Think of: who joined the village when... and others.
- Notifications : as discussed last month, fully implementing a notifications system is no quick win at this time. Kester has some ideas for a temporary solution that would at least allow facilitators to send a message/newsletter to the village neighbours. More on this soon. (in the meantime the long term solution will be investigated)

And of course the most pressing errors will be worked on.

Hope this overview matches your expectations.



Hi Pelle

Great to see the wikis coming back! Are there plans to link them to the task they belong to? At the moment they all appear at the bottom including those for finished tasks. Its also a little confusing that they show as having zero posts - guess they should not really have a posting count as they are single docs that anyone can add text to.

Strangely in some villages there are two shared docs with the same but different dates/contents. See 'shared document: find mosquito nets' at

Am pleased to see that you are looking at making it easier for people to find their way to suitable villages/tasks. As well as encouraging more communities to register, I still think it would be good to put a little focus on some of the old ones that have ground to a halt... work out whats wrong with the process, then add more.....



Hi guys,

In Walungu on the background tab at the bottom of the page there is an empty box, with the title
- Walungu, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the -

What is its purpose? I don't see an option to edit it.

About the logging in and the neighbours profile - it might be a good option to be logged in for days, but as a facilitator I don't find it much helpful when searching for neighbours to invite :-(
Any possibility to see on their profile when they last visited instead of when they last logged in?

As for wikis, I agree that it would be good if they could be connected to a specific task. It's probably confusing for neighbours to have them like this.
But please make them visible like they are now, or in some other way - on the previous website they remained unnoticed by many neighbours.


All the best,


Hi Pelle

After you guys made the modifications to the My Nabuur page, I thought I was getting notifications of all posts in the villages I belong to. It is certainly much better than it used to be :)

However, I didn't get notification of this posting today

I did get one for another post in Kabondo
and for those in various other villages.



Hi Sonja,

The empty box is supposed to show Walungu on a google map, as on the Overview page (where in your case it's also missing) ... apparently the name Walungu is not recognized. I'll give it a try, otherwise we could ask Guillaume for a place nearby.

will get back to you on the wikis.



Hey everyone,

As you'll have read from Pelle's updates, some of the facilitators and local reps are working to implement suggestions that will make their projects 'pop' more prominently on the website. Admittedly, things aren't working out as quickly as we'd hoped and it's still taking some push to get neighbours to actively start working. BUT we we haven't given up just yet. :)

So, I'm jumping in here to ask if any of the facilitators, local reps, and neighbours in this discussion would like to join the Popping team in the hopes of raising activity for their projects.

If you're interested, send me a quick email ( and we'll get you started.

Enjoy the rest of your day! :)



I'm also glad to see the wikis are back even though I never quite liked them in the first place! Funny how that works. I have to agree with Mary's comments and hope to see these attached to their associated tasks again and maybe as an icon like they used to be versus listed in the task list. I think it clutters things up and makes it difficult and confusing for new members to figure out what's going on. Maybe there's a way to work out resources differently? I'd really like to be able to add resources to the resource page directly versus having to make a post for it to appear on the resource tab.



Hi Jen

I agree about the resources, they look really messy now in my village, and I too would like to have an option to add and rearrange them, and, if necessary, to link them to a specific task.

How do I get resources appear on nabuur resources tab if I have something that I believe could be of use for other villages?

I know I'm boring with the wikis, but I don't like the idea to have them as a button like on the old website. It should at least have a title or something indicating there is something important there, not just a button saying "shared document" or so... according to my experience, most of the neighbours don't notice them. Or keep forgetting about them.



Hi Jennifer, Sonja,

Good to see the discussion about the shared documents here :-)

Looking at the use of the wikis on the old site: quite often a document was not related to a single task, but to a number of tasks. Not everyone knew where to find them. They're now available at the 'project level'... although there's no way to move them from one step to the other yet. I'll ask Kester about that.
Jennifer - I agree they could stand out a bit more.

My ideas: what if they can be moved between steps (so that they are close to the related tasks) and if we find a way to make clear they're documents (stand out from the tasks a bit). Would that solve the issues?

Sonja - the NABUUR resources tab shows all content from the whole site that is marked as 'resource'. So anything from your village is available there for all. The use of this feature is something that needs to be improved - think of showing resources from one village in other villages working on the same subject. Hope you get the general idea.



i agree that wikis are often related to more than 1 task, maybe even step...but a different color o something might really help already to avoid confusion with tasks.
best, angelika


Hi Everyone,

I am glad to have the wikis back and agree that they tend to cross more than one task - in some instances. What if we could specify which we wanted it to be? For example, one wiki linked to a specific task and another that is linked to a step or project? Or, what if task wiki's fed into a larger project wiki? Don't know if any of that is possible...

Regarding resources, I can't figure out how this works. When we post in a task, when do they show up in the resource section? Do we need to specify something? For example, in the water and sanitation group I have been adding documents, links and other files and none have ended up in the resource section. My worry is that they will be lost in the long discussion. I agree that it would be best if we could post the resources directly into the resource section.



Hi Pelle

Haven't tried editing any of the new shared docs as I have not had any reason to. Is that going to be easier than on the old site? The basics were OK, except that it kept putting blank lines in everywhere, but adding anything more complicated e.g. a table always gave me problems.... and always discouraged me from adding a document that had anything like this in it.

On the subject of linking tasks and shared docs, would say that it would be helpful to have a link at the top of each pointing to the other. That would be a good start point with something more permanent added later.