Dear Sister,
I a so sorry for what you are undergoing.
Forgive them all those persecuting you.
I pray that God will bless you for the good work that you have continued to do.
Take heart sister. We also experience similar or sometimes worse situations but God
delivers us. He will deliver you too.I pray for the Grace & Mercy of God upon you.
Thank you very much for sharing.


ya i think you right

i think i not spamer like them

sogold - Gia Cafe hom nay

Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

Dear Amy,
Welcome back to Grapevine Hope Centre in Sewage village/Slum.
Indeed your skills & experience are very useful to our community & school children.
Our school has many needs, but you can choose on how you may help.
Your can visit us and assess the level of need.
You can sponsor a poor child/children. You can buy a desk, chair/table for the school.
You can also support the school feeding program.
You are highly welcome to work with us too. Invite your friends to join you in working with us.
Thank you very much.
Josephat Nyagwaya.
GHC Projects Manager.

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