The GHC School has received 80 booklets of The Good News From God.
The books were sent to us by the outreach church in the US.

Indeed as the title of the booklets, the GHC has received good news from God. Very inspiring, easy to read & understand booklets.
We shall give some to our children& retain some for the school Library.
We still need more for the local churches & all our children, staff & parents.They are very inspiring books for all.
I will like to request you to link me to a friend, workmates, relative or yourselves, who live in the USA to carry some copies when traveling to Kenya. The church is not able to sent to all due to the high cost of shipping.
I have here attached the photos of the booklets to confirm safe receipt of the same. A great thanks to Ken of the Minifarms who gave us the contacts/links to get them.
Thank you all for your support .



Despite the many big steps we are making, we are facing many big challenges/setbacks. Join us to counter them fully for us move forward to make big impacts. HELP US TO SOLVE SOME OF THE PROBLEMS AFFECTING OUR INCOME GENERATING PROJECT TO HELP POOR CHILDREN IN THE COMMUNITY TO REDUCE CRIME NOW & IN FUTURE> HAVE A HEALTH COMMUNITY & NATION.

We have in the recent past faced many challenges in our fish farming project. First some our mature fish died. Secondly. thousand of the fingerlings we had bred for our customers died.
This has shattered our hopes & indeed that our our children for a great future.The cost of producing & raising FISH is high & there are very big losses when they die.
We are seeking you assistance to help out in sustaining them.
We are seeking links, donation of equipments/tools & financial support to enable us solve the problems Experts/ officers indicated to us that the fish are dieing probably due to dirty water, lack of enough food & poor temperature control in the hatchery.
We therefore need a pump, water filters, heater with thermostat & good commercial/manufactured/formulated feeds for the fish.
We have a very big market both for mature fish/fillet & fingerlings. We hope that if this problem is solved we will be able to generate enough funds to support the many children in our School & do general community development.
If you can help us in ANY way, we shall be very grateful.
Bellow attached are photos of our children in NEW School uniforms, our hatchery, fish, fish feeds, vegetables & others.
You contribution will go a long way in helping our situation & hence support to the poor children & the entire community.
I look forward in anticipation to hearing from you.
Thank you.

Dear Ken,
Thank you very much ken for your offer.
We indeed need the books for our children& staff.
We as GHC family need them for our spiritual growth.
We will appreciate if we can receive some copies from you.
Our postal Address:
Grapevine Hope Centre.
P.O. Box 1345-00518,
Kayole- Nairbi,
we are a community school in Njiru district.
We are focused in providing access to Quality education to the
poor,orphans and other vulnerable children in sewage slums and its environs.

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