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Butikiro village in Kiyuni parish of Kiboga district in Uganda lies a long way from the main roads and tourist routes. The nearest major trading centre is far away and until recently the district capital had just one telephone linking it to the outside world. Now, however, a telephone mast belonging to Uganda's biggest mobile phone company stands on the top of a nearby mountain. Life in Kiboga is still very traditional.

18-year-old Nalubega says: "Being young here means having few opportunities, few ideas about the future. Once you finish school, for most young people life goes on as it has for generations: the boys do the same work as their fathers, the girls marry young and work the fields. The poverty remains, as does the lack of any alternative." Yet for Nalubega something has changed in the last few years.

Butikiro being on line on nabuur" will enable the outside world to come to our district and take time to speak to the local inhabitants, to understand their problems and to find young people who want to change something about their situation said Nalubega. My girl friends and I are really enthusiastic about this and have lots of ideas" Nalubega says. The girls are so active and successful that they will chose to take part in nabuur. Training us will teach us about working with new materials and methods and how to get young people interested in taking their future into their own hands. I have this courage and the will to change something in Butikiro."

It is not easy to realise breaking with tradition. "We must forget concentrating entirely on husbands”. I am expecting our first child and looking forward to being a mother and an adult. It is the same for my friends. This is how I organised my life: get up, take care of the baby, make breakfast, work in the fields, cook dinner. But I am thinking to myself: 'Is that all I want?' I am discontented, I am not earning any money, and I am facing the same fate as my mother."

Nalubega is getting together with her friends, who are also unhappy about their situation. We plan come out and do something great about this. "We have talked to so many people about our ideas. They didn't always understand our urge to do something new. We hope to get support, for example from neighbors of Butikiro, and SLINT-Uganda. From then on we shall roll." Engaging in high value crop growing like water melon will enable us get out of this situation. Nalubega says: "I am glad I have the strength and the perseverance to just start with my idea. I do not have money yet, but I know that this is just the beginning. I am very proud of nabuur and SLINT.


An narrative article written by Local Village Representative as told by Nalubega

Wakitaka gets 1000USD for implementing the Youths projects

On behalf of the village, I want to pass on good news to the Neighbors that one of the friends of Wakitaka donated 1000USD to the village towards implementing the youths’

projects which include 250broilers, 6goats, vegetable growing,and piggery. The youths are already organized in their various groups and soon will be starting with poultry.

I want to thank this friend of the village for the generosity towards the youths’ activities.

Emmanuel Menya

hi neighbours,

Every Farmer knows the weather is the biggest risk and The weather in March was very worrying for Paddy, EFORDE, the women farmers and the community of Nabitende as a whole – It had failed to rain and it was very hot. The women were trying to dig were possible but the heat was too much for life. The village prayed there would be enough to eat if the rains did not come.

This photo shows the effect the hot spell in March had on the maize and the heap of soil is charcoal burning of a fruit tree, which was cut, leaving behind the stump. The firewood/charcoal crises means it is important for EFORDE to find greener technologies soon and we are lucky that a number of neighbours are tackling this.

On Aprils fool’s day it began raining and the women rejoiced; their prayers had been answered and now a week later the vegetable nursery beds are in progress and Paddy is quietly confident they will do well because of the dry hot spell they had before planting and because of the backing of so many wonderful neighbours.

more reports will follow,

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