INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE - A Space for Welcoming & Meeting the Project Neighbours

Status: In progress

Assalam o alikum aur sub ko khoshamdid! Welcome and blessing to all. It's a matter of great pleasure to warmly welcome my neighbors on Nabuur. I'm grateful to all members whose memberships have uplifted my confidence, courage, hope & efforts. Village of Kohat, Pakistan says thanks to each of you.

I was taught one flower doesn't make a garden, but my thoughts were insisting one flower can attract a person to think about making a garden. Today I'm glad to pronounce that garden of Kohat which has the number of flowers, from the various parts of the world; will be able to persuade world's population, their existence is for meaningful ambitions.

Best regards,

Adnan khan


Adnan brother! after a long time sorry I'm on my Europe tour and Know a days living in UK. After a long time i have time for Nabbur, Is there any thing that i can help with ?

Creative Art Director


Asalamu alaikum Mr.Khan

It is really my pleasure to join this village.
My name is Bella, i'm 16 years old and i am from Indonesia
I am willing to help out as much as i can, please do not be hesitant to contact me for assistance.



Destiny is for losers. It is just a lame excuse to let things happen to you, instead of making them happen