Select the best purification method for drinking water in Mityana

Status: Finished

The Neighbours of Mityana have gathered several examples of save drinking water solutions. Please select the 3 best solutions for (rain)water purification and describe and compare the main characteristics.

Please could you make a short document (wiki), table or matrix in which the main features of the technologies are described and compared? This will enable us to show the options to teh Local Community and choose the best option.

It is suggested to:
1) check the characteristics and requirements of the different technologies for purification;
2) compare those characteristics and requirements with the local conditions in Mityana (see list with local information);
3) conclude which method is most suitable to be implemented for the school in Mityana and explain why.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Please read this news from Sarah below, showing they have choosen first for the Playpump solution! This requires the drilling of a borehole! Sarah told me that lateron they would like to work on the water harvesting construction.

"Dear neighbours,am really so happy for the good time i had with the vistors on friday 22-6-2007 i received some two vistors in mityana that is James and Jacqueline they came to help us choose what should be best solution to our drinking water problem in fact these people helped us alot we really appricieted what they did. A lot of thanks also goes to Jacqueline for she donated some books to the pupils they will also help alot in the learning process.

We also talked about the Play Pump that it will be a good idea because it will help on two sides that is as a playing equipment and as wel as a water collection. We also talked of the getting a Twin school that it also help a lot and we shall be sharing problems together. I once again thank the NABUUR for coordinating with these people and anabled them to come and see what we are doing. In fact the pupils were very happy to they also said that their dream has become a reality. A lot of thanks still go to our facilitator for the effort she is making so as the LITTLE ANGELS COMUNITY PROSPER. Long live NABUUR. Sarah Kiggundu "


Another solution that is cheap, easy to use, and a very smart idea!! Please read the article and then click on the movie to go with it, you may have to click play twice on the movie to see how the gadget works.

I was amazed by this product and its so cheap, it is a wonderful idea. Let me know what you all think of this as far as water purification!!

Regards, Renee'


Here is the link to the LifeStraw's companies website (the LifeStraw part):

Here is the East African office information for the company:

Vestergaard Frandsen (EA) Ltd.
Waiyaki Way, ABC Place, PO Box 66889 - 00800,
Tel: +254 20 4444 758/9
Fax: +254 20 4444 526


Arienne, I was wondering, what is your next step for the Play Pumps, have you filled out the information required and then sent it in to Play Pumps International? They are working in that area and I am hoping that we wont leave the project so long that they move on to other projects and we lose out on the opportunity.

Currently my petition to Play Pumps International has 167 signatures on it. Has anyone from Nabuur signed it? Again, here is the link to the petition..the more signatures we get, the better:

The other thing I thought about was perhaps I could post on Care 2 and have people buy the Life Straws to donate to the kids and that could be used as a 'hold over' until we get a Play Pump installed. I need to know how many straws are needed and what is the address where they can be mailed to??

Thanks so much!! =o)) Renee'


Dear Renee and other Neighbours of Mityana!
I have sent the required information to Playpump International so they can take notice of the project and the urgent need for this pump.
Currently I am promoting the petition for a Play pump which Renee started at Care2.
Please check this link and see that we alrady have 187 votes for Mityana. If you did not sign yet, pleae do it now and tell all your friends and family members to do so for Mityana!

Now we also have to start working on the BOREHOLE which is required for this Play pump.
Please stay with us.

Warm regards,


Hi Arienne,
I am so glad to hear things are moving along. As far as funding goes there are two organizations that have a partnership is called Ryan's Well Foundation and its partner is the H2O African Foundation, I plan on writing to them and asking that Mityana be considered as a fundraising project...of course we would have to be active in initiating letters of requested donations to anyone and everyone we can but there is a link on the H2O site about them working on an "Adopted African Community" and I am hoping that Mityana would be a suitable applicant for that. I am going to go ahead and write to them in request of this.
I would like to know if the play pump at the school will only be serving the children or will the whole community be using this? If the whole community will, it looks better, and so I am going to go ahead and put that in the letter.

All the best, Renee' =o))


Hi Arienne,
Have you heard anything from PlayPumps International? Our petition is up to 201 signatures!! I think its moving along very nicely!!



My goodness, I did not realize how long it has been since I posted.
Arienne, I am not sure if you are on vacation (if you are, I apologize for bothering you). I was wondering if you have heard anything from Play Pumps International on the information you sent to them?

Thanks so much and I hope everyone is well!!
=o)) Renee'


Hi Renee, thanks for your message!
I am not on vacation yet, but am busy moving to another house and searching for a new job......
Before the end of August I hope to take new action for Mityana. I need to contact Jacquline ASAP to hear her first hand experience while visiting Sarah.

I expected that I forwarded the answer of PlayPump International to you, but might have forgotten, sorry.

Here it is, dated 13 Juy 2007:

Hi Arienne,
Thank you for your message. I will pass this on to my colleagues who review site locations.
We are not yet focused on Uganda, however when we are at the point of reviewing sites there we will consider your request and be in touch with you at that point in time.
Many thanks,
Marissa Valdez
Program Manager


I think we might want to keep on them. It would be good to get the name of that collegue she passed it on to and contact him or her directly to see if they have reviewed our case. I am putting up a request of money donations for the PlayPump on
Hopefully people will step foward and make some donations. I can also provide a link on Care 2 so that if people are willing to donate money they can go directly to Global Hand and donate.

All the best!! =o)) Renee'


Hi, Renne. I suggest you get in touch immediately with Mr. Lowell Fuglie: He is a world authority on Moringa oleifera: the miracle tree - the powdered seed of which act as natural flocculants, able to clarify even the most turpid water. As a long-term method of having a water purification system for a small community in a developing world village setting, nothing beats this. I suggest that all neighbours look this wonderful plant up. It can remove Africa's mulnutritional curse, which blights the lives of so many young African children, permanently. Every NABUUR project in Africa must incororate planting Moriga oleifera in it! And I humbly suggest that all at NABUUR learn as much about this amazing tree, as they can. It must be a project we must undertake collectively as a virtual community! Best wishes in the meantime, to all the members of your team!


Hi Kofi,
Thanks so much!! It would be great if you would be willing to look up information on that specific type of tree and post it so we can all know more about it.

Thanks again!! =o)) Renee'