Meet the neighbours


From what we see, it is the people that make Zambia great.

Here's hoping for a better future for Zambia and it's people.

We hope to visit with Ralph and Agnes and the King World School in 2006 and we can't wait - even though Ralph has "threatened" to cook for us!!! :-D

Sara & Marty


We so happy to hear the Taylor’s innovative idea to engage school going children in a fashion show in a bid to help King World School rise funds to build their own school.

Zambians have always taken care of orphans and the extended family has always reached out but economic pressure have become so grave, with so many deaths occurring and poverty. Our desire is to reach out to the under privileged in our community. We feel we can serve our community more effectively if we have our own building instead of renting.

One shocking thing, is the high rate of HIV/AIDS in the country despite law literacy levels. The 16 percent HIV/AIDS rate was very high for the country whose literacy levels wasn85 percent.

Government alone did no have the capacity to take care of the orphans and street kids and widows, therefore, it is encumbered upon each community to find ways to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in their community.

Our aim is to work to improve the welfare of those who do not have enough. Our children must go to school, it is their right. That’s the more reason we are grateful to the children of a Baptist school who came up with this idea of a fashion show to help us raise the money to build our own school. We will look forward to this event that is going to take place on the 12th of November2005. We can only wish these young boys and girls the best of lack.

Love you all,



Hello budys.

I thank God as I will be wrapping up my leadership shortly and handing over to Uganda to lead the discussions on this all important subject of Child trafficking, I am just happy that God brought us together in Kenya and in my group to look at the subject that is on my heart.

It pains to see so many people children included, suffering from discrimination and injustice.
So many people including children, denied of basic means survival.
So many people, children in the majority suffering and dying in wars and conflicts.
Mark 10:14-16 are some of the text about Jesus and the children. Jesus put the children in a very special position. He brings then closer, he takes them in his arms, he puts his hands on them and blesses them. Jesus wanted, in my view, change society’s opinion about children.

King World Missions consider children as equals, as subjects in their on rights. We are caked to protect and promote their human rights, as spelled out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, approved by the United Nations in 1989 and ratified by 192 countries. The four pillars of the convention are:
. the right to survival;
. the right to develop to the fullest;
. the right to protection from harmful influence, abuse and exploitation;
. the right to participate fully in family, culture and social life.

Considering that our resources are limited and the challenge facing children around our community are huge, we are caked to work in partnership with other organizations, and do you know budys, it is here, were NABUUR comes in handy, to help us develop children to full potential through our programs and activities and enable them to be active players in our community through organized participation in decisions that affect their lives.

As committed and active members of our community we are called to denounce child trafficking, child abuse and any form of exploitation, to lobby for legislation that protects the and promotes the rights of children.

We are called to announce the good news ( even to Claudia who does’t want to have children}that all children are a reward from God. (psalm)

As I hand over the leadership of the group to my brother in Uganda, I want to thank you all for being good followers and for and for your contributions and for Edmee who brought this idea that has cemented our ties as budys. As we continue to discuss this topick, let us have thes facts at the bac of our mind;
. The 120 million children around the world who can not go to primary school the majority of them gijrls,
. The 180 million children in the world today who are trapped in the worst form of child labor,
. The 250,000 children and young people who are infected with HIV every month and for the 15 million orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

I close with a quote by Kofi A. Annan “ Only as we move close to realizing the rights of all children will countries move closer to their goals of development and peace”

Long live bufys, long live NABUUR.

I thank you all,

Ralph Sebente


Hi all,

Would anyone like to take part in a live chat with Ralph?

If you could post here if you would be able to be available on a Tuesday or Thursday at 2pm Lusaka time - GMT+1 so that's 1pm GMT, 8am EST

It would be great to get as many of us here as possible to get to know each other a little and talk about our progress and plan for the future :-)

Look forward to hearing who can join us :-D

I'll even try and keep Ralph off the topic of football (soccer) :lol:

Take care


Dear all,

Ralph and Agnes will not be online for a week or so. Agnes' father passed away yesterday morning, after a week's illness (kidney problems and food poisoning).



Dear all,

On Thu Ralph and I did some work to get a better picture of the costs involved in building the new school. See the attached budget. He's going to ask for the opinions of other builders. He has researched the cost of plots/land in Mutendere, and the cost of getting a borehole. Most plots in this densely built compound come with an existing house on it, which will then have to be redesigned to fit the needs of the school. This makes it hard to make a fitting budget before you have the plot. However, as the building costs may not differ very much, relatively speaking, this budget can still be of use.

Maybe our architect neighbour could help with a suitable design, once funding and a plot have been found?



I'm sure we all send our best wishes and sympathies to Agnes and Ralph at this difficult time.

Here's hoping they keep well.



Hi Annet and all :-)

Thanks very much for the revised costing Annet, I know Willeke is really needing to lay down a budget for an application for funding help from the Dutch government. I guess it doesn't have to be accurate, just feasible ;-)

So this costing is just materials and electricity? So I suppose when we add in land, labour, borehole, (furniture?), we will be looking at more like $10,000USD?

Regarding the plans, Javier our new neighbour who is an architect has offered his help for the planning and design stages :-D I will copy in here some of his email regarding this.

[b][quote]Thank you for the info about costs. One thing I don't know is the future area of the school. With only $10.000 it must be a quite small 1-floor building I suppose. I can help the village in drawing some sheets with the project, but first I would need these stuff:
1. Site information: Plan of the area, including existing buildings, streets, roads, topography etc.
2. Programme of the school: number of classes, WCs, rooms, pupils, etc
3. Site Photos
4. HVAC and air condition needs (if needed), environmental characteristics of the site.
5. Sanitary issues: Sewage and drainage of the site.

So once we have fundraising really increasing and have land purchased, Javier will be willing to help with this. Thanks Javier :-D :-D

Once we have a final projected budget, maybe all the neighbours can be a little more aggressive in searching for and approaching possible funding sources?

Take care all!



Dear all,

Sorry not to mention it, the budget I posted consists of three sheets. One for Building materials, one for Labour and one for Others (purchase of plot, electricity connection and borehole). Together it comes to 27.000 euro. It is a lot, according to Willeke the Dutch funding sources require about a third to be contributed from own sources.

Thank you Javier for offering your help with the design!!! That's fantastic, also the guidelines you give for the data needed.



Dear Annet,

That will teach me to read documents when I'm half asleep :-D

That seems like a more realistic figure now.

With the dutch funding, does that mean that KWM will have to have a third of the costs already in their fund before they will contribute to the Dutch foundation? Is it ok for these fnds to be from other external fundraising activities?

Thanks :-)

Sara :-D


Hi all,

I forwarded the budget to Javier (the architect) by email and he says he thinks the technical issues are all covered in the budget :-D

Sara :-D

P.A.S.T. Post Atrocity Syndromes of Terror: Treatment Beyond Trauma

Hi Mutendere Nabuurs,

I'd like to pursue a relationship with "FOURTH WORLD" and , particularly, to see how they can support us.

I am doing some "contact" work with this organization.

I will get back to you when I'm back from Burundi. Then, I can give better directions on how to contact and work with them.

Stay Strong!


P.A.S.T. Post Atrocity Syndromes of Terror: Treatment Beyond Trauma

Mutendere Nabuurs,

Don't forget about these: EDUCATION FUND RAISING IDEAS

I love you all.



Hi everyone,

I contacted COS (organisation in NL) and they told me there are several opportunities for fundraising, but like Sara said they won't give more than 1/3. He suggested to apply for Plan Nederland and NCDO. They'll give a maximum of 1/3. So if both agree we need to raise 1/3, so 10.000 euros ourselves. It's a lot, but we''ll try. Today I'll read more about these organisations and write a plan. It should be in Dutch, but later I can make an English version as well.
One thing is that we need a foundation in Holland otherwise they won't support us, we're still looking for a notary who can do this pro deo. If the Dutch people know someone, please let me know!

Bye, Willeke


Hardly a week passes without the media carrying stories about child defilement or child abuse in our nation. Today this has sent shivers in the spines of many parents and guardians as they do not know who to trust with their children, girls in particular. Thank God that we have been entrusted to bring up and teach these little ‘angels’ into responsible citizens.

But as this is not enough, they are also worried about the increasing in child labor in Zambia. With the number of children falling out of school for various reasons ranging from loss of parents through death (HIV AIDS) to brea down in family values due to increasing number of divorces on the rise, the number of children engaged in child labor has also increased.

In the place of these children being in school, many 0f them can be seen along the road (and taking photos of these children is difficulty or you risk being interrogated by their bosses who, seven out of ten are their guardians) engaged in labor such as waiting on bus stops to carry luggage for the women coming from Soweto Market with baskets-full of merchandise, could be tomatoes, sweet/Irish potatoes or Mangoes. Others are seen along the roads in our community crashing stones.

The more children we leave out of school, the more cases of child labor we will have in the future. Let’s put our efforts together and build these children schools as it is their right to learn. Government alone will not tackle this problem. It in is this regard that King World Missions is making this humble appeal to all our neighbors and those that have this burden, to visit some foundations and Rotaries in their respective cities for a grant to help us build a school for these children.
For further details and quantification of the said building please visit our website at Considentely, one of our neighbors is an architecturer which is a blessing to us and we will soon ask his services (if Sara has not done so already) to help us in the planning.

I must say thank you to you all for your love and surport duting the time we were going through trying moments of the loss of our father. Thanks again for standing with us.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Ralph and Agnes.