Help sustaining the children of Wambaale

Status: Finished

In order to sustain both children and the community of Wambaale, William has proposed to start an adoption plan for children.

This is a brand new action needed, therefore I hope you will all take part in the process of its achievement.

Dear all neighbours,
Thanks for all the efforts you have put in our village. Tom thanks very much for the sport uniform we received it on 21.08.2006. and i will be posting the photo of the school football team as soon as the term starts on 18.09.2006. Thanks for the time you have spent in Uganda , i hope it was very interesting. Dear Shama thanks very much for your contribution towards the economically ,socially needy orphan children of Wambaale. Your contribution will make agreat impact for our children next term.
Mary i hope the books will be very good to our school but currently i have not contacted the lady.
I know some of the organisations like Unaso and unweso , But those a very larger organisation in our country which pass all it Fund in the Government. and i donot think that they can assist small organisation except the other ones but i do not know them.
If possible you can try them .




Hi William

According to the woman I was in contact at Book Aid she has passed the details on to Kyambogo Univiersity and someone should be in contact with you. If not, then its worth you contacting them to chase it up.

I will contact all those organisations I mentioned as, even if they are not able to help Wambaale directly, they might know of others that can. I will of course let you know if I get any replies.

Uganda Rural Fund USA, Inc. (URF|USA)

Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organisations

TASO (the AIDS Support Organisation)

UWESO (Uganda Womens Effort to Save Orphans)


Have you heard anything from your friend about whether her church is interested?



Hi William

I haven't had any replies from those organisations I emailed last week so have sent them a followup email. As usual I will post if I get any replies.



I emailed Shama as she had not been around for a while and here is her reply....

Hi Mary,

I am so sorry I have not been able to come online to nabuur. I am a volunteer locally here in my hometown at a hospital, and they have required more of my time. I also, have two very young kids so b/t the two I have totally been unable to find spare time to come out to the website. My friend has not responded yet and I am assuming her church is not interested. I apologize for the delayed response, but I hope to join as soon as I get a little more free time.


Shama, thanks for letting me know - we look forward to seeing you back with us when you have a little spare time!

Its a shame that Shama's friend's church don't seem to be interested. Guess we will need to start looking elsewhere. If anyone knows of any churches, schools etc that may be interested in supporting Wambaale's children, please post and let us know.



Hi William, everyone

Things have been very quiet here for a while now, and until the village gets a new facilitator I don't think that is going to change.

Because of this, and the fact that I am busy with a lot of other villages, I have decided to leave Wambaale at least for now.

I hope that when the villages gets a new facilitator things will get going again and a lot of new people with new ideas will get involved and things will really start to happen.

William. good luck!



As a temporary solution I volonteer to keep things going overhere, if you don't mind. I am working on a lot of issues, that might one way or another influence proceedings in Wambaale also so am only to hapy to help out.




Dear NABUUR Volunteers.

Today it's International Volunteer Day.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication and invaluable support towards finding solutions.

The time and energy put forth into your volunteering work really make life changing differences for other people.

As NABUUR grows we are honored to work with passionate volunteers such as yourself, as you are the ones who make it happen.

NABUUR and all those involved celebrate you today, and we look forward to a long and continued collaboration.

It couldn't be done without you.

Warm regards,

Siegfried Woldhek



Hello all,

In the past, I thought about applying for assistance from Heifer Project International. This is a US-based non-profit that provides animal(s) to a community in need, plus training in how to care for them. For instance, they might donate beehives or cattle. The idea is that a community can become increasingly self-sustaining, better nourished, etc. It's a wonderful organization -- plus, it's expanded world-wide, is well-run and well-supported and has a history of success. They do have an office and projects in Uganda. William, would you be interested in helping to fill out information for this organization if I get the necessary forms/addresses, etc? If this specific organization doesn't choose to donate/train in Wambaale, I believe that they do offer training materials...and this is another avenue we could examine. I think we really need to look at some new avenues at this point.



Hi Vivianne

Happy Christmas to you and William and everyone else here!

Heifer International

An organisation that provide livestock and training. More info on their site.

"A Bridge of Hope Across Africa
From Cameroon to Mozambique, Heifer is building a vast bridge of hope across the African continent.

Africa is a tremendously diverse continent – home to more than 1,000 languages, many cultures and tribes, extreme climates and a varied geography. So it’s no wonder Heifer has a diverse program to meet the unique needs of families and communities.

Where diets are not balanced and appropriate, Heifer is working to improve nutrition.

Where schools are beyond the reach of many children, Heifer is helping families earn extra income to pay for tuition and books.

Where erosion has rendered farmland all but useless, Heifer is providing trees and agricultural training to improve the soil. "

Projects in Uganda
"Project Partners
Want to be a project partner, working directly with Heifer field staff to develop livestock and/or agricultural-related programs?

Here’s how it works:

Interested grassroots groups or intermediary organizations contact Heifer.

The group or organization completes a form of basic information related to its structure, purpose and need for assistance.

A member of our field staff reviews the information to determine that the request is in line with our mission.

A field staff member makes a site visit to assist the group with goal-setting and with Heifer’s application/reporting procedures.

The group prepares and submits a detailed project proposal to the Heifer field office. (Revisions may be recommended).

The Heifer field staff selects projects for funding.

The Heifer headquarters or field office (depending on budget amount requested) approves, suggests modifications or rejects the proposal.

Heifer signs a letter of agreement with group/organization for approved projects and the funding begins.

If you’re a representative from a grassroots group or intermediary organization and want to form a project, contact Heifer now at or call us at (800) 422-0474. You may also contact the Regional Office nearest you for more information about Heifer and our programs."

So I agree, very much up to William as to whether they are interested in starting any sort of farming-related project in Wambaale.



I probably should have done this a few weeks ago but have been absent from Wambaale village for a while...

I thought I would remind everyone of the child sponsorship document we produced during the summer with the intention of finding support for the children who are unable to afford to attend Wambaale school.

I am hoping that some of you may be able to take a copy of this with you when you visit friends and family over the Christmas and New Year period to see if anyone may be interested either as an individual or in getting their local school, church, community group etc involved.

Lets see if we can give some ot the children a (slightly late) Christmas present!!

The document is attached.



Dear all neighbours.

i wish you are good christmas.
Thanks alot for what ever you have done to see that our community improves and children in wambaale village can attain education.

Thanks alot for those who have contributed knowledge for looking of sponsers, whose who have assisted us in designing different documents, those who have contributed clothes ,money and so on. You have really assisted our village.

On behalf of the entire community of Wambale we wish you a very good christmas and prosperous new year.

Your william
Local Representative.


Hello All

Mary I copied that document and am taking it around with me to the troops and also to the English academies to see if there are schools who would possibly have the parents sponsor so the children can use their English skills to communicate with a personal pen pal.

William- I want to become a sponsor myself, so I will contact you for more information about my starting right away. I would like to have 2 children to sponsor!!

God Bless you all, with all you do!! Best of wishes to you and your families this holiday season!!!



Hello All,
Happy New Year! I hope it's wonderful for everyone. I'm getting ready to put my home up for sale, which means everything is in a bit of disorder (to say the least), but I'm happy to be back in touch with Nabuur after an absence for which I apoligize. The child sponsorship document is great, Mary, and it's wonderful that Amanda will share the information around. I'll continue to support students as well. William, please let us know if you think the community might be interested in working with Heifer Project International or in receiving materials and training similar to what they provide. I would be very interested in helping with that.
Have a great week!


Hi All

I am making extra copies to send out. I spoke to my sister in Canada, there are 18 students in my nieces class. We are atleast going to have a pen pal system between the two, but I am going to personally contact the teacher to see if she would hand out the sponsorship papers and do a joint sponsorship with my school in Korea, I am hoping to get some kids to help convince their parents since it gives them a penpal and a friend who they can learn so many new things from!! All kids should be involved with other cultures and learn that they have to appreciate when friendships they can make around the world. That is why I am glad my 19 month old son is here, speaking Korean and will be travelling all over with me. It will make him open minded and more genuine in caring. If anyone else has some ideas of churches or anything, let me know and I will personally contact them if you don't want to!! I have a friend translating the pamphlet into Korean so we can hand them out to the churches here along with my other project pamphlets in Kyomya, oh and to the English Language academies. Okay that is my update,



Vivianne, Amanda

Thats great - hope something good will come of it!

I also gave a copy of the doc to my mother as she has contact with quite a few church/school groups. Can't promise anything, especially as I gave her info on a couple of other Nabuur projects that are also seeking support, but you never know...

Several other villages have set up a fundraising page on the Pledge Page website -
For example see the Kyomya page at or Kiliba (still being developed) at

Maybe we could do the same for Wambaale. William. what do you think?